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A fast-paced, deliciously irreverent and deliriously immersive political satire, BS de Résistance follows the story of a Texas mom and her precocious four-year-old son as they are unwittingly drawn into the shadowy struggle between the Deep State and its enemies. And there's a song in every episode! New episodes drop on the 5th, 15th and 25th of each month.

Dec 15, 2019

It's the BS de Résistance 2019 Holiday Special! Dale, Lyssa, Karyn, Chris, Nancy, Lori, George and Dustin share their holiday greetings, as well as a few songs! Plus: Bible verses (no, really)! We'll be back with our next regular episode on January 15th, 2020. Happy Holidays to all our fellow Resisters!

Dec 5, 2019

Bonus Episode 29 ("Tales of Truancy, Target and That Person"). Lyssa and Dale catch up with the latest doings of the Purple Avenger, discuss the horrors of being stuck with That Person, and hint at our secret upcoming project. Plus: out-takes from our most recent episode, "When It Ukraines, It Pours."

Nov 25, 2019

"When It Ukraines, It Pours" Episode 26 (Season 2, Ep 13). Vera arrives to rescue Lyssa, accompanied by her incomprehensible Scottish sidekick Angus. Ben Carson tries to thwart Trump's new spiritual advisor. And the Pences sing karaoke.
Written by Lyssa Graham and Dale Leopold
Featuring the vocal talents of:

Nov 14, 2019

"Ukranium One" (Bonus Episode 28). Lyssa and Dale are all a-tingle at Day One of the House Impeachment hearings. They give their first impressions of the morning's testimony, and also throw in some movie recommendations. Plus: Out-takes from our most recent episode, "Invitation to the Boos."

Nov 5, 2019

"Invitation to the Boos" Episode 25 (Season 2, Ep. 12). Putin gloats over his Turkish triumph, while the Tangerine Twatwaffle stews over his World Series Boofest. While getting ready to rescue Lyssa, Vera gains a Highlander Helper.

Written by Lyssa Graham and Dale Leopold

Featuring the vocal talents of:

Dustin Ebaugh...