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A fast-paced, deliciously irreverent and deliriously immersive political satire, BS de Résistance follows the story of a Texas mom and her precocious four-year-old son as they are unwittingly drawn into the shadowy struggle between the Deep State and its enemies. And there's a song in every episode! New episodes drop on the 5th, 15th and 25th of each month.

May 25, 2018

(Episode 3) The identity of the mysterious commandos in the Chappaqua woods is revealed. A desperate POTUS seeks advice from beyond the grave. Lyssa is visited by Jehovah's Witnesses. It doesn't end well. 

Episode written by Lyssa Graham & Dale Leopold.

Featuring the vocal talents of:

Lyssa Graham (herself, Sofia)

Dale Leopold (Announcer, Putin, Bernie Bro #2, Bernie Sanders, Trump, Nixon, himself)

Nancy McLemore (Karen Pence, Hillary Clinton, Amalija Knavs)

Chris Mezzolesta (Yevgeny, Bernie Bro #1, Mike Pence, Roy Cohn)

and Karyn O'Bryant (Jake, Vera, Melania Trump, herself).

Original music composed, arranged and performed by Chris Mezzolesta. The song, "Hit 'em Hard" written by Dale Leopold & Chris Mezzolesta, featuring Dale Leopold, Chris Mezzolesta and Nancy McLemore. 

Editing, sound design and Audio Production by Dale Leopold. Originally released May 2018, re-mixed September 2019.